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I create systems and strategies to help supercharge your personal development, productivity, learning and spiritual growth through the art of self mastery. 🚀

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  • How can I stay productive and motivated consistently?
  • How can I learn faster, remember more, and have greater creative output?
  • How can I become prepared, organized and ready to take action?
  • How can I get unstuck in life?
  • How can I manage my time, energy, and attention efficiently?
  • How can I find purpose and meaning?
  • How do I get rid of my fears and limiting beliefs?
  • How do I transform myself through daily practice? I’m not self-disciplined like other people…
  • How can I strategically design my life for long-term fulfillment and happiness?

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📖 My Story

I used to have poor health, low energy, and terrible confidence. I spent hours every day playing video-games, and I avoided every emotionally difficult thing in my life.

But everything changed when I understood how to strategically, and systematically manage myself through the art of modern self-mastery.

Now my life is very different. I’m filled with energy, and passion, and I’m continuously motivated and productive. Life flows more easily, and I’m finding great pleasure in doing mundane things like meditating, exercising, and challenging myself to learn new things. 

🔥 How did I make this transformation?

I systematically worked on improving myself, one step at a time.

Self-transformation can be challenging and overwhelming. There’s a lot of misleading information out there, and many traps to fall into. On top of this, the self-deception associated with this work is inevitable.

For the past eight years, I have stumbled, and fallen into many of these traps. Some of which has resulted in months of wasted effort. For the past couple of years, the following question has been on my mind:

“How can I communicate what I’m learning, so that I’m able to trigger positive self-transformation in others?”

I decided to quit what I was doing: Freelancing as a full-stack software engineer, and studying artificial intelligence & data analytics. Instead, I started Wellsquire; a company with a mission to help people transform themselves through the art of self-mastery.

💡 Examples of modern self-mastery work

  • Learn to manage your resources, such as your time, your energy-levels, your attention, your willpower and self-discipline.
  • Learn how to align your resources. Focus your resources towards the direction you want to go, and align your imagination, your focus, your feelings, and your actions to consciously create what you want.
  • Learn to develop and stack habits and implement behaviour-change in a systematic way.
  • Learn to manage your infrastructure. Build and maintain both “hard” infrastructure (your physical environment), and “soft” infrastructure (your skills, your mindsets, and your psychology).
  • Learn how to strategize. Strategic thinking, and planning is important. If done well, it allows you to effectively avoid traps, succeed with delayed gratification, fix problems at the root, develop strategic resources, and create your map of life, to name a few.
  • Learn how to consciously use technology. Most of us aren’t using technology in a conscious, meaningful manner. Just like your mind, technology such as the internet, digital software, and the memory of computers can be incredibliy powerful tools that can have positive/negative effects, depending on how you use it.
  • Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind. It is responsible for at least 95% of the results you get in life.

✅ What modern self-mastery is

It’s ultimately about understanding Truth/reality. Learning how to manage yourself is not the end goal. It’s a step towards understanding the true nature of reality, and of who you are!

❌ What modern self-mastery is not

It’s not a quick-fix. Self-mastery requires a lot of challenging work, and there’s lots of emotional labour involved. So if you’re looking for a quick-fix to temporarily ease your problems, I suggest that you look elsewhere. But if you’re interested in fixing your problems at the root, you’re in the right place.

🦸‍♂️ What can you expect from developing modern self-mastery?

  • A fundamental shift in your perception of reality. This might sound scary, or dangerous, but it’s definitely something that you want to pursue if you’re interested in getting the most juice out of life.
  • A powerful ability to cope with stress, negativity, frustration and challenges.
  • Appreciation of the little things, such as reading, drinking water, contemplating, or just being. As you progress on this journey, you start to enjoy things that you may have previously perceived as boring.
  • Being able to draw on an unusually large body of knowledge, at a moment’s notice, leaving people amazed in admiration
  • A huge increase in awareness/consciousness.


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